Xiaomi teases Mi11 Ultra with unique cooling design-Techweu

Xiaomi teases Mi11 Ultra with unique cooling design-Techweu

The Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra has been in turmoil lately and is not surprising. The Mi 11 Ultra is backed by the success of last year’s Mi 10 Ultra, which was not officially launched outside of China, and is expected to offer the best performance and features. And the cooling system seems to be one of them.

Xiaomi teases Mi11 Ultra with unique cooling design-Techweu

In a new Weibo post, the company’s co-founders provided a sneak peek on what the new cooling design is. Unfortunately, Google Translate is a bit rough on the edge, but we understand the point. This is in line with “all-phase cooling technology” and its name probably comes from three states: solid, liquid and gas.

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It is said that the introduction of a so-called VC soaking plate (vacuum chamber soaking plate) will improve the thermal conductivity by 100% (it cannot be said at all). It is also used in Mi 10 Ultra. But despite its flashy name, it has the same principle of operation as a standard steam chamber-the liquid is heated, dissipates, turns into a hot gas, then becomes the next chamber, where the liquid again is cooled to and repeats the cycle.

Perhaps the solid-state is called the heating plate itself, or more. Fortunately, the Mi 11 Ultra is only two days away, so you don’t have to wait too long before learning more about the technology.

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