Xiaomi working on telephoto lens better zoom and optimization-Techweu

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At today’s Xiaomi Developer Conference in Beijing, the company introduced a new telephoto lens technology that could change smartphone photos in the not too distant future. And the not-so-distant future is because Chinese tech giants are ready to implement the technology in real products.

There are many advantages to having a telephoto lens. To get started, Xiaomi states that lenses can collect 300% more light than traditional lenses, which can significantly improve camera performance, especially in dark scenarios. With this particular camera, not only stability but also sharpness is improved by 20%, so you have a high degree of stabilization at hand.


In the video, the lens automatically stretches and you can even capture amazing macro stills. You’ll also find that this lens eliminates the need for so many cameras on the back of the phone. A good high-quality sensor can be combined with such technology to cover multiple focal lengths.

As mentioned earlier, this technology is in the final stages of testing, so you should start looking at the first device with a telephoto lens right away.

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