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YouTube added support for 8K video in 2015, long before it became easy to access 8K cameras and TVs. Five years later, flagship smartphones will be able to shoot video at that resolution, and there are some 8K TVs that are expensive but completely out of reach.

As a result, this YouTube for Android TV app update is a bit late, but later than ever. The changelog states that the new version adds “Limited 8K support for Android 10 and above”. The meaning of “restricted” isn’t clear, but if you have a smart TV running Android 10, you can give it a try.

YouTube gets 8K Playback Support on Android TV-Techweu

This is probably the First 8K video uploaded For YouTube, it seems like the first video to watch. Even if you don’t have an 8K TV, adding bandwidth should improve image quality.

Change log for YouTube for Android TV v2.12.08

  • Display the YouTube Music splash screen
  • CastConnect support
  • Limited 8K support for Android 10 and above
  • Improved resolution selection
  • Fixed incorrect date and time issues
  • Improvements to various other platforms

The new app will also add support for Cast Connect. This is an extension of the original protocol, making it easier for developers to create Cast-enabled apps. The app can be controlled using the TV remote control for a more native experience. The interface for selecting the resolution has also been improved.

Anyway, early versions of the changelog also mentioned AV1 HDR playback, but it has since been removed (and Cast Connect has been added). YouTube for Android TV added support for AV1 in April of this year, but HDR work seems to be still underway.



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