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Microsoft has acknowledged that service records of approximately 250 million (250 million) customers have been under threat due to “misunderstanding of the internal customer support database”. These records included data on support case-to-case interactions between customers around the world and Microsoft employees. All Microsoft customers’ data was left open and could be accessed from a web browser. Anyone could access this data without a password or without requiring any authentication. This omission was first reported by Bob Diachenko’s Comperitech Security Research Team.Corporate Vice President, Cyberspace Solution Group at Microsoft on this lapse Statement I have considered the mistake and also assured that no personal data of any person has been misused in it. Investigations by Microsoft have found that an incorrect security rule was mistakenly imposed in a database security change of the database on December 5, 2019, which made the data openly available. The company says that this omission has been corrected on 31 December 2019 and the database has now been made secure.

This record included a log file of conversations that took place from 2005 to December 2019, ie, in a time span of 14 years. The company has apologized to all the users and after learning from this mistake, has also promised not to have such a mistake in future. The company has also thanked Bob Diachenko for helping to correct this mistake.

This is not Microsoft’s first omission related to data security. Earlier in 2013, hackers had broken into the company’s secret database. This database kept a record of the information tracking the problem in the company’s software. After this, hackers hacked the account of a Microsoft support agent from January to March 2019. Apart from this, the company has also considered the possibility of some Outlook users getting into the data.


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