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Asus has finally released the stable, finalized update to Android 12 for the ROG Phone 3 from 2020. According to the company’s schedule, this was supposed to come out in the first half of the year, and so it’s kept its promise, if only by a few days. Asus sure took its sweet time with this one – Android 13 is practically around the corner, but ROG Phone 3 owners only now get to taste last year’s Android 12. Such is the life of gamers, presumably.

Anyway, the new build is labeled 31.0210.0210.230, and it lands after an almost two-month beta testing period, so hopefully there aren’t any remaining glaring bugs.

Asus ROG Phone 3 finally gets to taste stable Android 12

The update comes with everything Google packed into the Android 12 release, as well as the June 2022 security patch level. Additionally, you also get an updated Console design in Armoury Crate, revamped Asus built-in apps, a new Quick Settings panel and notification tray, a redesigned volume panel, and a new widget page design in Launcher. Asus Safeguard has been replaced with the built-in Android 12 Emergency SOS functionality, the Quick Settings layout option has been removed from Display settings, and SIP calling support has been removed from the Phone app.

As usual with such updates, the rollout may be staged, so it could take a few days until all ROG Phone 3 units out there in the wild receive theirs.

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