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Based on the latest Canalys report, a total of 36.4 million smartphones were shipped in India during the April – June period. The figure represents a decline of five percentage points compared to the 38 million units shipped in Q1. This is the third consecutive quarter of falling shipments.

Canalys: smartphone shipments in India decline for third consequentive quarter

Chinese vendors amounted for 76% of all smartphone shipments in India for the period with Xiaomi leading the way with 7 million shipments and a 19% market share. Samsung shipped 6.7million devices and came in second in terms of the market share at 18%. The top three was rounded out by realme which managed 6.1 million shipments and a 17% market share. The two other brands in the top five were vivo (6 million shipments) and Oppo (5.5million) with 16% and 15% market shares respectively .

There is some good news – the overall shipments were up by 12% compared to values ​​for Q2 2021. The main reason for the lower demand in this quarter was high inflation levels which altered consumer spending patterns and demand for smartphones. Brands like Xiaomi, vivo and Oppo were also under scrutiny over tax evasion and money laundering probes.


Indian smartphone shipments and annual growth
Vendor Q2 2022 shipments (million) Q2 2022 market share Q2 2021 shipments (million) Q2 2021 market share Annual growth
Xiaomi 7.0 19% 9.5 29% -26%
Samsung 6.7 18% 5.5 17% +23%
Realme 6.1 17% 4.9 15% +22%
vivo 6.0 16% 5.4 17% +10%
Oppo 5.5 15% 4.3 13% +26%
Others 5.1 14% 3.0 9% +73%
Total 36.4 100% 32.6 100% +12%

Notes: percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding
Source: Canalys Smartphone Analysis (sell-in shipments), July 2022


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