Chrome OS gets new features at the age of 10-Techweu


Google has announced a major operating system update to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chrome OS. This will provide new features, improved interoperability with Android smartphones and improved Wi-Fi sharing, and several features that will increase your productivity.

Phone Hub is a new shortcut on the taskbar. From here, you can remotely enable hotspots on your smartphone, switch between volume modes and locate them as needed. You can check the signal strength, battery level, and recent Chrome browser tabs on your smartphone from your smartphone.

Chrome OS gets new features at the age of 10-Techweu 3

Wi-Fi Sync has been extended to support more devices as long as the smartphone already has a Wi-Fi password. You don’t have to re-enter your password on your Chrome OS device.

Google also announced that Nearby Share will be available on Chrome OS “in the coming months.” Google expects to continue to pay attention as more features are added to Chrome O this year.

Chrome OS gets new features at the age of 10-Techweu 3

In terms of productivity, Chrome OS has added a screen capture tool that supports both still image capture and screen recording. These new recordings will appear in Thoth, a new location where you can view files, screenshots, downloads, and pinned files. This, along with media control[クイック設定]You can access it directly from the menu.

If your child is a parent attending school, the process of adding your child’s school account to your device has been simplified while managing from Family Link due to parental restrictions.

The clipboard has been updated so that you can press Everything Button + V to see the 5 most recently copied items (on Chromebooks, this is where the CAPS LOCK button appears. On older models, this key has a search symbol. Is attached).

Chrome OS gets new features at the age of 10-Techweu 3

The desk is a Chrome OS multitasking tool that allows you to open multiple app windows on multiple desktops. This feature has been updated so that you can keep your apps open even after you restart your Chromebook.

Sharing on Chrome OS will be faster and you will be able to share between apps. “Select-to-speak” reads the text aloud, and finally, the Chrome OS app icon looks new.

According to Google, “The M89 Chrome OS update will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks.” Check the source link to see all the features in action.

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