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Interestingly, Cydia founder Jay Freeman (also known as Saurik) has filed an antitrust proceeding against Apple and its App Store monopoly on software distribution on iOS. The goal is ultimately to provide users and developers with an alternative to the App Store for software distribution and payment.

The proceedings aim to open the market for iOS app distribution and iOS app payment processing to those who want to compete fairly with Apple and recover from the devastating damage caused by Apple.

Launched in 2007 (one year before the App Store), Cydia acted as the default software distribution hub for the jailbroken iPhone. Apple then launched its own App Store and was immediately involved in a court battle over Cydia’s status and the legality of the jailbreak.

Cydia filed antitrust proceedings against Apple over app store monopoly

To date, jailbreaks are technically legal, but Apple’s Terms of Service and Warranty are void. Cydia claims that Apple has forcibly blocked the possibility of competing at the forefront of iOS app distribution, which is the basis for the new proceedings.

Without the illegal monopoly anti-competitive acquisition and maintenance of Apple’s distribution of iOS apps, today’s users can choose how and where to actually find and obtain iOS apps, and developers can choose the iOS app distributor of their choice. You can use. ..

Cydia will continue to be accessible from jailbroken devices, but in December 2018 we removed the purchasing mechanism. The new court battle will occur months after Epic Games filed a similar antitrust proceeding against the anti-competitive and exclusive practices of Apple’s App Store.

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