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Following what happened at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on Wednesday, @TwitterSafety announced that Donald Trump is demanding that three tweets that significantly violate Twitter’s citizen integrity policy be removed. did.

Twitter locked Trump’s account for 12 hours around 7 pm on Wednesday. This is because of “an unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, DC.” The following is an excerpt from Twitter’s Citizen Integrity Policy. To the 2020 US Presidential Election:

We believe that we have a responsibility to protect the integrity of these conversations from interference and manipulation. Therefore, we prohibit any attempt to use our Services to manipulate or disrupt the Civil Process, such as by distributing false or misleading information about procedures or circumstances regarding participation in the Civil Process. If misleading information does not directly manipulate or disrupt the civil process, but can lead to service disruption, we may label the tweet to provide additional context.

On Wednesday, a group of (partially armed) Protrump protesters destroyed and went to the U.S. Capitol, just as Congress was preparing to prove the outcome of the November 2020 presidential election. I broke in. To process. This was because the Vice President had no power to do so during the “Stop Stealing” rally in DC on the same day, shortly after Trump pressured the Vice President to oppose the election results. But it happened.

Donald Trump's Twitter account has been suspended if tweets not removed might face permanent ban

Trump tweeted a video telling his supporters to “go home”, continued to claim the elections were “fraudulent,” and called the riots “very special” people for most of the event. I kept silent. This is one of the three tweets that Twitter deleted. Before being removed, the tweet was labeled with a warning that “risk of violence” and viewers were directed to a fact-finding page about election results.

If @realDonaldTrump does not delete the three problematic tweets within the allotted time, his account will be permanently banned.

At the time of this writing, the Parliament building has been secured and election certification has resumed.

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