“Dystopia: Contest of Heroes” will be first released on Huawei AppGallery-Techweu

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Beetroot Lab has partnered with Huawei to launch the latest game. Dystopia: Hero Contest, First available on the Huawei AppGallery.

Set in 2065, the game revolves around fully customizable heroes who fight for control of the New York district of Dystopia, raid other players, and form alliances.


The face of the game is none other than former UFC champion Conor McGregor, who hosts the annual tournament. It will be the annual culmination of in-game tournaments that challenge players around the world.

Huawei enhances game launch by boosting marketing power. Beetroot Labs has already helped integrate Huawei mobile service features such as account kits (for quick sign-in) and in-app purchase kits.

Please note that this is a timed monopoly – Dystopia You can download from AppGallery Now, but it’s coming again on Google Play Store 25th. The game will be available at Samsung galaxy store And Apple App Store later. The game has been launched in several test markets to evaluate its appeal to viewers, so some have already tried it.

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