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At the end of last year, Caviar decided to break out of the comfort zone of making gem-studded smartphones and unveiled a golden PlayStation 5 console called the “Golden Rock” because of its distinctive appearance.

The nine consoles will be built with a starting price of $ 499,000. No, it’s not a typo. It’s $ 500,000. And if you don’t think anyone will pay that much, you’re wrong – apparently, the company received 1,342 applications to buy it.


Some of the interested people are basketball superstar LeBron James and “a famous Russian businessman living outside Russia and an American businessman who is also famous in the IT field. The name will not be disclosed. Hmm”.

Working with the Golden Lock Console takes about 4 months. Caviar used a jeweler who specializes in handling gold to prepare test samples.

This_PlayStation_5_will_cost_500000_made_with_4.5kg_of_gold_by_caviar-Techweu-removebg-preview This_PlayStation_5_will_cost_500000_made_with_4.5kg_of_gold_by_caviar-Techweu-removebg-previewCaviar’s customized PlayStation 5 “Golden Rock” is covered with 4.5 kg of 18-carat gold

Each console is covered with 4.5 kilograms of 18-carat gold. The process begins with eight separate sheets (cast in pure gold) that need to be molded into a geometric design and attached to the PS5.

The controller is also covered with genuine black-dyed crocodile leather. The video below shows a bling version of the controller with more gold, so the design may not be complete.

If you’re not on the list, or if you don’t currently have 500,000 people, you can also check out Caviar’s Carbon and Black Leather PlayStation 5 customizations. Each is made of 99 pieces.

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The PlayStation 5 Carbon costs $ 5,830 and is covered with stealth car-grade carbon fiber. The Alligator Leather option also comes in a black color scheme, which returns to $ 8,140. Caviar also customized two controllers each in carbon fiber and leather to fit the console.

Keep in mind that all three versions are based on the Digital Edition version (that is, the version without the optical drive), so if you want to save money by buying games in the second-hand market, you’re out of luck.



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