Exynos 2100 to be announced on January 12th Samsung confirmed-Techweu

when Exynos 2100 will launch ? techweu
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Samsung’s in-house chipset, which powers the Galaxy S21’s flagship, was found to be the Exynos 2100, which will be available on January 12, two days before the global announcement of the S21 phone.

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Samsung Exynos is back Hashtag for selling the latest flagship in-house chipsets.

Based on the latest rumors, the Exynos 2100 is built on a 5nm process, and ARM’s X1 prime core is the largest with a trio of Cortex-A78 running at 2.81GHz and four power-efficient Cortex-A55 cores running at 2.21GHz. It is clocked at 2.91GHz. They need to be combined with a Mali-G78 GPU.

The Exynos 2100 is expected to power the S21 trio in India and Europe, but it’s still unclear if more markets will get this version. Regions such as the United States, China and South Korea are usually expected to win Qualcomm’s top chips. In this case, it means Snapdragon 888.


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