Facebook desperately trying to convince iPhone users to enable ads tracking, Here’s how-Techweu

Facebook desperately trying to convince iPhone users to enable ad tracking with the latest advertisement strategy 11 techweu
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Companies such as Facebook use a variety of data to personalize ads for individuals based on demographics, geographic location, interests, and activity. At the end of last year, Apple introduced a new privacy-centric change that forced all app developers to explicitly require users permission to collect this data. Facebook wasn’t happy with it (and wasn’t happy yet).

In addition to preparing a lawsuit accusing Apple of anti-competitive behaviour, Facebook has launched a new advertising campaign focused on helping small businesses in difficult times. On Thursday, a video ad was released with the tagline “Good ideas are worth finding.”


Prior to iOS 14.5, any app (not just Facebook and Instagram) could collect data from users as long as the user agreed to the terms of use of the app or service. Apple has decided that this is no longer enough if you want to protect the privacy of iPhone users, so the update will ask users whether all apps will allow the app to collect this valuable data. I came to ask.

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Going back to video ads, video comments are turned off, and there are far more things I dislike than I like. It’s clear that Facebook’s clear intention to help small businesses is to require users to keep track of targeted ads. In this video, much more Facebook and Instagram users find what they follow and buy than small businesses. The video description is as follows:

The world is full of good ideas. Now, thanks to personalized advertising, small businesses can find them. It’s worth finding a good idea.

The wording in the description of this video seems to suggest that personalized ads are new. Facebook has already tracked users prior to this update and is tracking users who have not explicitly opted out of personalized ad activity tracking across Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook desperately trying to convince iPhone users to enable ad tracking with the latest advertisement strategy 11

The campaign is not all But maliciously. Facebook is exempt from fees for companies selling products on Checkout on Shops until June 2021, and will not collect fees for paid online events until August. A way to find restaurants on the “Nearby Shops” screen has been added, making it easier for restaurants to add menus to their Facebook page. These gestures may help your business with some advertising costs, but they still help Facebook’s net profit.

Link to new blog post-June 2020 page It explains how personalized advertising works, but it’s a kind of generalization and doesn’t delve into exactly the information collected by the app.


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