Google is planning a major UI upgrade for Android 12.Leak suggests-Techweu


Only one day from Google’s annual I / O meeting, but enough time for a very large leak on Android 12. John Prosser tech giant is redesigning the Android UI to focus on stronger privacy and security in the next major release.

Frontpage tech Here’s a video that summarizes the three major changes that will be made to Android 12.

  • Beautiful new experience (read new UI)
  • Stronger privacy and security protection
  • All devices work together

The new design includes improved toggles, buttons, widgets, and even new animations. According to the video, the notification shade media player is also due to the update. Icons, keyboards, and other UI elements are more in line with Android’s overall aesthetic.

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Perhaps Android 12 will allow notification grouping for selected apps. Check out some screenshots of the redesigned UI elements.

Google is planning a major UI  upgrade for Android 12.Leak suggests-Techweu

Unfortunately, nothing is said about the types of security features Google plans to implement and what it means to “make all devices work better”, but the video in the source link below Now let’s take a closer look at the UI redesign. .. There’s also an Android 12 promotional video showing some of the new animations and new ways to work with UI elements.


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