Google Photos adds auto-generated 3D cinematic photos-Techweu

Google Photos adds auto-generated 3D cinematic photos-Techweu
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Today, Google announced an interesting new feature in its photo service. This is called cinematic photo, and as you can see in the demo below, it automatically creates a 3D-like effect on some shots. This works in the memory section of the app and you don’t have to do anything. Cinematic photos appear in recent highlights at the top of the photo grid.

This feature aims to relive memories in a more vibrant and realistic way, using machine learning to predict the depth of an image even if the original image does not contain depth information from the camera. And generate a 3D representation of the scene. .. The final step is to animate the virtual camera for a smooth pan effect similar to that seen in movies. Therefore, it is named after cinematic photography.


This will be gradually rolled out to photo users during the next month. You can share your cinematic photos with people by sending them as videos “with just a few taps”.

In addition, Google Photos has also acquired several new collage designs, “richer and more artistic layouts,” that are typed and styled using AI. AI finds colors similar to those in the photo and uses them for fonts and background colors.

Memories will surface pictures of the most important people in your life, and soon it will also show your favorite things and activities-think sunset, baking, hiking. Of course, you can hide a particular person or period at any time, so you won’t be hit by a collage featuring your ex.


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