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A report from The Verge confirms that Google is beta testing support for digital identification cards in the Google Wallet app. Apple Wallet currently supports adding ID cards from three states including Maryland, Colorado, and Arizona.

A tipster sent in screen shots to The Verge and shared the process required to add a new ID card to the Wallet. First scan the front of the ID > scan the back > take a short video of your face > submit to the state for approval (in this case, the state of Maryland ). The tipster was able to add their ID card using the most recent update of the Google Play Services beta.

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<span><strong>Source: <i>The Verge</i></strong></span></p>
<p>Support for state ID on Google Wallet has been reportedly working on newer Google Pixel phones, as well as a Samsung Galaxy S20, though support between devices will likely vary (though a Pixel may yield a higher chance).</p>
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Android’s Digital IDs on Google Wallet will be supported thanks to a future update to Google Play Services and will be supported on Android devices going back to Android 8.0. Read more about the process over at the updated Google support page.



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