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Yes, the wait is over! Japanese startup Cocoa Motors is finally releasing its novel Walkcar

Have you ever dreamed of riding around town on a MacBook Pro? You’re apparently not alone: Japanese startup Cocoa Motors is finally releasing its novel Walkcar, an electric skateboard-like device about the size and shape of a 13-inch laptop. The Walkcar is available for pre-order now if you happen to live in Japan.

Design and features

Walkcar is more of a skateboard than a car. Unlike conventional skateboards, however, Walkcar is solely electric and controlled by motor sensors. The device’s wheels are arranged to form a square, and electric motors power the front wheels. According to the manufacturers, all four wheels are fully suspended, and the rear wheels are responsible for swiveling to help with steering.

Hands-free operation

Most electric skateboards come with hand remotes that control acceleration or braking. But we already know that Walkcar is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The device has no button or remote, yet, it remains easy to ride for everyone, thanks to the four sensors built into the boarding surface.

Bodyweight control technology

Riders can steer by leaning their body weight to one side and forward and backward leaning control acceleration and braking. Walkcar also stops automatically on getting off. Actually, the bodyweight control technology is not entirely novel as we’ve seen it on revolutionary electric skateboards like the Spectra X. But Walkcar appears to take it a notch higher.


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