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How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 78X using iOS 14.1
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This guide describes how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 7/8 / X running iOS 14.1. Similarly, you can try this method on an iPhone 5S / 6 / 6S / SE running iOS 12 or 13. Bypassing Activation Lock gives you full access to all Apple services. This includes Facetime, iMessage, and the ability to set a passcode on your device.

In addition, this method works for both MEID and GSM devices. However, for MEID devices, calls and data do not work, but for GSM devices, everything, including calls and data, works fine. With that in mind, let’s get started with a guide to bypassing iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 7/8 / X running iOS 14.1. Follow the detailed procedure set.


Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 7/8 / X using iOS 14.1

Before listing the steps, remember that you have to pay some money this way. Therefore, proceed at your own risk. GetDroidTips or its members are not responsible for any problems with your device or in the face of payment-related problems.

& nbsp; site and the selected version (Free / paid). The free version has some limited features. For example, if you are also looking for modem activation, you may need to choose the paid version.

  • Once downloaded, open the package and click Continue.
  • Then click on Install and enter your PC password.
  • The installation process will now begin and once completed, you should be notified of the same as well.
  • Now connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable and then launch the software. Using this software itself, we will proceed ahead to bypass the iCloud activation lock.
  • You will get a prompt, click on Run Checkra1n jailbreak.
  • Then click on Start > Next and your device will now enter Recovery Mode.
  • Click Start and then press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons together for a few seconds.
  • After that, release the Side button but keep holding the Volume Down button for a few seconds. Your device will now be booted to the patched version of checkra1n.
  • The iPhone will now boot up to the Activation Lock page and the software will bring up the Order iCloud Bypass button, click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment.
  • Then press the info button at the bottom right. If you see the MEID number, the device is a MEID and you cannot enable calls and data. On the other hand, if the MEID field is blank, the device is GSM and you can easily activate calls and data.
  • Moving on, once the purchase is completed, just close the checkra1n software.
  • Now relaunch the software and you should now see the Start button, click on it.
  • This should start the process and take a few minutes. When complete, the device will boot into the OS and successfully bypass the activation lock.
  • Finally, remove the device from your PC and reboot.

    This concludes the guide on how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 7/8 / X running iOS 14.1. If you have any questions about the above steps, please let us know in the comments section below.
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