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How to Flash Spreadtrum Unisoc Firmware Using Infinity CM2SP2
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This tutorial lists the steps to flash the Spreadtrum Unisoc firmware using the InfinityCM2 SP2 tool. This chipset is typically found in low-end, low-cost devices that stand out in China and other Asian countries. Devices that come with Spreadtrum Unisoc as the underlying chipset are already on the market quite a few. If you also own such a device, Infinity CM2 SP2 is one of the useful tools.

One of the most important features of this tool is the ability to flash stock firmware. However, why use this manual route because the device may have already received the latest updates via OTA? The automatic update process can only be applied if the device is fully functional. However, flushing the wrong custom binaries can cause the device to go into a boot loop or soft brick state.


Similarly, updates are usually deployed in batches. As a result, only a handful of users receive them in the first phase. After this, it will be slowly deployed to the rest of the users. This process usually takes a long time. Therefore, in all the above scenarios, the easiest way is to flush the stock firmware to the device. And this guide will show you how this can be achieved. Below are the detailed steps for flashing the Spreadtrum Unisoc firmware using the InfinityCM2 SP2 tool.

How to flash Spreadtrum Unisoc firmware using InfinityCM2 SP2

There are many features that this tool must provide. These include the ability to manually flash PAC / BIN / SPD_PROG firmware, backup data, flash partition files, read device information, etc. For now, we focus on its most important feature: flashing stock firmware. Follow the detailed steps.


Use this tool to download the stock firmware for the device that needs to be flashed. Similarly, you may need the Infinity CM2 dongle. This is a variety of & nbsp; Chinese Miracle II (CM2) Required to run. & Nbsp; Software containing CM2SP2 (used in this guide). Next, install the latest Spreadtrum USB driver on your PC. & nbsp; SPDUSB driver Finally, & nbsp; InfinityCM2 SP2 tool on your PC & nbsp ;.

That’s it. These were requirements. You can now proceed to flush the Spreadtrum Unisoc firmware using the InfinityCM2 SP2 tool.

Procedure procedure

First, start the Infinity CM2 SP2 tool on your PC. You will automatically be taken to the Platform section. Then select CPU Type from the CPU Platform drop-down list. Next, under Model Type, select the model number. section.

  • Once you have made both the selections, head over to the Flasher tab of the Infinity CM2SP2 tool.
  • Now, double-click inside the blank region of the Flasher [PAC/SC] section.
  • Doing so will bring up the navigation box. Select the firmware file and click Open.
  • The tool will now begin reading the firmware and then display the associated device information as well.
  • Furthermore, the above blank region will be now be populated with all the Spreadtrum Unisoc Firmware files that you need to flash via the Infinity CM2SP2 tool. You may de-select any of the files that you don’t wish to flash at this instance.
  • Now under the Flash Settings menu, if you don’t have much clue regarding the preset options, it is recommended that you leave all the fields unchecked. Then hit the Flash button.
  • As and when you see the ‘Waiting for device’ message, power off your device, hold the Boot key (usually the Volume Down key) and then connect your device to PC via USB cable.
  • If you see the Device Connected message, then you are ready to proceed ahead. Otherwise, treat the Volume Up or both the Volume Keys as the Boot key and then try connecting to the PC. This time you should establish a successful connection.
  • The flashing process will now begin and should take a couple of minutes. Once the process is completed, you should be notified of the same via the Done Message.

that’s it. These were the steps to flash the Spreadtrum Unisoc firmware using the InfinityCM2 SP2 tool. If you have any questions about the blinking procedure above, please let us know in the comments section below.

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