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A new Messenger Rooms feature has come on WhatsApp, through which video or audio calls can be made to 50 people simultaneously. Let’s know how to use this feature .

Facebook introduced the Messenger Rooms feature some time ago. This feature allows up to 50 people to connect simultaneously via video or audio call. This feature was later brought to Instagram and has also been released for WhatsApp. With the introduction of this feature, now Android users of WhatsApp can make or join a room only through WhatsApp. So let’s know its way

What do you want:
For this, you must have the latest Android version of WhatsApp.
Internet connection
The latest version of Facebook Messenger app
Facebook login on the Messenger app

Here’s how to video call 50 people together

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Calls tab.
  2. Tap on the Create a room option.
  3. Then tap on Continue in Messenger option. This will take you to the Messenger app.
  4. Now tap on Try it, when prompted.
  5. Tap on Create Room again and keep the name of the room.
  6. Tap Send Link on WhatsApp. This will open WhatsApp again.
  7. Here you can share room links in contacts or groups.

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Join Rooms on WhatsApp like this

  1. Tap on the room link found on WhatsApp
  2. This link will take you to the Messenger app or website.
  3. Through this, you will join the room and will be able to make video or audio calls from 50 people simultaneously.


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