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How to Open Zip or Rar File on Android device

ZIP and RAR are the two most commonly used compressed file formats, but Android does not natively support these files. As a result, it’s a puzzle for users to open Zip or Rar files on their Android devices.For example, if you have a 1GB folder, it will be compressed to 500-800MB. Depending on the type of compression, the compressed file may need to be much smaller than its original size.
Not only that, the compressed file is compatible with all operating systems out there. This means that it also supports iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

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How to Open Zip or Rar File on Android device?

This article describes how to extract content from compressed Zip and RAR files on your Android device. Of course, Android doesn’t have native support or functionality for opening compressed files, so use a third-party application to open the Zip or RAR file.

Using ZArchiver to Open up a Zip and RAR File

First, open the Google Play Store, search for Zarchiver and install the app on your smartphone. You can also click the link & nbsp; here & Download the app from the Google Play store. ZArchiver is an advanced app.
You can use it to extract and open both Zip and RAR files on your smartphone. In addition, you can create compressed files according to your preferred extension.
You can enable password protection, edit Zip, and extract split RAR files. In addition, the application is completely free, the interface is excellent, it is very simple and easy to navigate.
After installing the app from the Play Store, click the & nbsp; Open button to open the ZArchiver.

Now, in the ZArchiver app, change to the directory where you saved the Zip file and RAR file. You can scroll down to find the guide or click the dropdown next to the search icon in the parent directory.

Anyway, to find a file and open a directory, just click to open it. It’s as easy as that. You can also enter a file to search. It’s like a complete file manager and also supports compressed files.

Once you have located the Zip or Rar files that you want to open, click on it, a menu will appear from below.

Select View if you’re going to open the archive and view the files, or else select Extract if you want to extract the content of the Zip/Rar files to your Android Directory.

So this is how to open a Zip or RAR file on your Android device. If you don’t like the ZArchiver app, you can try another method. You can install other similar apps like WinZip and RAR with all the features like ZArchiver.