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JioMart is an e-commerce platform operated by reliance Retail. During the lockdown, this platform has provided a new facility to its customers and that feature is WhatsApp Order Booking Service ‘i.e. now you can place orders from JioMart through WhatsApp too. For this new feature, a JioMart Whatsapp number has been issued, which promises to order the required goods and make it available to you within 48 hours. Let me tell you, recently Facebook bought a stake of 9.99 in Reliance Jio, and only after this the new feature of WhatsApp has been launched by the company. Some time ago it was reported that the telecom operator is going to introduce WhatsApp Push for JioMart and now the company has started it.
Currently, this facility is available only in some places in Maharashtra. This new JioMart WhatsApp order booking facility has been made life in some areas of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan only. Reliance Jio has introduced a WhatsApp number for this feature. Gadgets 360 investigated the JioMart WhatsApp Order Booking facility in the Navi Mumbai area and we were able to place the order. Users have to save this WhatsApp number on their phone for this and after that, they can chat on it. However, it is worth noting that home delivery is not being done under this facility. After placing the order, you can make this order available from your nearest grocery store.

So let’s know step-by-step how to place JioMart order on Whatsapp-

1. First of all, save +91 88500 08000 as JioMart in your smartphone.

2. After saving the number, search this number in your WhatsApp contact, for this the list will need to be refreshed.

3. Now send the ‘Hi’ message to this contact number.

4. After sending the message, you will get an auto-generated message. It will be mentioned in this message that this facility is available only in Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan.

5. It will be informed that if you place your order before 7 pm using JioMart, you will be able to get this order from your nearest grocery store within the next two days.

6. You will also be given a link in this auto-generated message, which will be available for only 30 minutes. If you do not use this link within 30 minutes. Then you have to send a message of ‘Hi’ to place the order again.

7. By clicking on the link, the page of ‘Jiamart’ will open, in this page you will be asked for some information. Such as your home address and your phone number etc.

8. After filling the information, click on ‘Proceed’.

9. Now you will see a list of goods available at the grocery store. This list is not as large as expected. JioMart should improve it.

10. After placing the order, JioMart will tell you the amount of the total payment and will immediately message another WhatsApp.

11. In the next message, you will find the name and address of your nearest grocery store, from where you can get the ordered goods. Apart from this, you will also be given a phone number, on which you can get more information by calling. Apart from this, as soon as your order is ready, you will also get a message from your nearest grocery store. Order must be paid at the time of taking the goods.

12. Also, JioMart will also send you a Google Map link. With the help of which you can easily reach that grocery store.

Let me tell you, JioMart started in January this year.


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