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Telegram has changed the way instant online messaging works on smartphones. End-to-end encryption features such as self-destruction and privacy focus make it the most popular messaging app. In addition, multiple people with the same purpose can gather under one roof through a Telegram group. These groups are great platforms for creating personal and business networks.


group also acts as a platform for forwarding first aid messages. This means that if you have blood requirements, you can post your donor requirements in a dedicated medical telegram group. Similarly, you can form small groups with close friends and family. The same applies to business networking. You can create a telegram group of entrepreneurs to share their ideas. You can also create a private group in which only members of the headquarters participate.

This guide describes how to create a telegram group . As mentioned earlier, create groups that serve a specific purpose. You can then add members to this group.

Create a telegram group

You can add up to 200,000 members in a group and share an unlimited number of files within the group.

Start your Group on Android,

  • Launch the Telegram App
  • At the bottom of the home screen on the right side, tap on the button with a pencil icon
  • Then on the next screen tap on New Group
  • Up next, you have to add users to this group. You can start with the contacts on your devices. To add a contact simple tap on their name
  • Then enter the group name

Tap on the blue tick mark button at the bottom right corner to create the Telegram group

Creating Telegram Group on Desktop

  • Open the Telegram client for windows
  • Tap on the hamburger icon to expand the drop-down menu
  • Select New Group
  • Give the Name of the Group and Add a profile picture
  • Then tap Next
  • Now, you have to add members to the Telegram group
  • To add the contacts, tap on the name of the contacts
  • Once you finish adding members to your new group, click on Create.

Adding Members to A Group via Invite Link

In addition to adding manually, you can also create a link for your Telegram group and share it on other social media, messaging apps, or email. Anyone who knows the link can join your group.

Open the Telegram group

Tap on Group Info

On the next screen, tap on Add Member

  • Then tap on Invite to group via Link
  • Either you can copy the link directly or share it through other social media apps you have on your phone.

That is, create new Telegram groups on different platforms and add members to them. If you want to create a closed or open community of friends, colleagues, or other business-related work, you need to bring together people with common interests through Telegram groups.

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