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Suppose you have seen someone on any social media platform or in real life. Now you want to get close to this person through the popular dating app Tinder. But is it necessary for you to open an account on this application? If you don’t have personal information, you can find or learn about people you’re interested in. ? In this guide, I will explain whether this can be done.

Generally, if you are on a particular social media platform, it becomes easier to search for, find or contact someone. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find a specific person. I will not say that this is impossible, but there are some factors that will affect your search. Your results may be limited, depending on how the person decides to keep their social media profile. Let’s take a look at the various parameters related to finding someone on Tinder without having to own an account.


Can Find Someone On Tinder Without Having an Account

The first thing that comes into our mind is looking for the too good to be true third party apps to find out our person of interest on Tinder.

Are the Third-Party Apps Trustable

There will be many applications claiming that they will find this person’s profile on Tinder on your behalf. You must know the name of the person you are interested in so that these applications can narrow the search to the username. The reason is that many people will have the same name. However, only users who are not tech-savvy will fall victim to such tricks. I’m not saying that all apps that claim to find your Tinder profile are fake. Some may be real, but if you look closely, there is a common feature between these applications.

These apps require you to register, and most of these apps are full of pop-up windows and obscene advertisements. Second, some apps may ask for your bank details, and initially they will mention that their personal information lookup service is free. Later, after you install and use them for a few days, you will know that only advanced users can access the profile lookup service. Why enter all these scams. Therefore, if you always think that other applications will find the target account for you on Tinder, please give up this idea immediately.


Try to Take Help of Other Social Media

Now, when you try to find someone on Tinder without your own account, this is a very useful solution. This will work if you don’t have a Tinder account but have the inevitable Facebook or Instagram account. In addition, the most important thing is that you need to know the names of the people you are interested in. Otherwise, searching first is meaningless.

So, just log in to Facebook and search for the person by their name. Then double check to see if Tinder is mentioned in that person’s resume. Again, there are flaws in this process. Most people try to keep their dating life secret. Therefore, based on my observation, not many people will publicly mention that they have a Tinder account. Obviously, many users of the opposite sex may search their personal data, making it more noisy to narrow the scope to people who are truly worthy of a date.

If you can’t find any signs of a Tinder account on their Facebook or Instagram, you can follow them directly or add them as friends on these social media. Try to connect with that person and try to talk. Then maybe you can get a Brownie score for your straightforward attitude, and connect with this person and get to know him/her in depth.

Open A Fake Account on Tinder

We at Techweu never encourage opening fake accounts on social media to do stupid things, such as stalking people. However, I’m just saying that if you just want to learn more about this person instead of directly contacting this person, this might be a way. Direct connection means you just need to open your profile and try to swipe to the right. But we don’t know the odds that you will be recognized by someone you like so much.

This is why I suggest you use a fake account. Remember, you will not send her anonymous messages from this fake account. Otherwise, it may scare others. Just observe the person’s profile. You will actually get a lot of information from it. After that, you can take action through your original Tinder account to prepare and present yourself in front of the people you are interested in.

If that person is often online, it may mean that your particular target is single and is looking for a partner. You can also learn about the choices and preferences of various things from the person’s resume.

You need to pay close attention to Tinder’s main avatar and other photos. If it changes regularly, it means that the person is using Tinder. In addition, if this person has linked his/her Instagram account, you can also connect through this platform.

If there is any update on the location where you may be dating, you can know through Tinder. Usually, when someone uses Tinder, he or she will see matching candidates based on their location. If this person is using the app and you see an update or change in location, you know that the account is active. The location that will be displayed is where the profile holder uses Tinder.

So, this is trying to find someone on Tinder without an actual Tinder account. However, this is not entirely possible. As you can see, there are some solutions that can solve the problem for you. My advice is to be straightforward, don’t follow this person anywhere online or in real life, just go and say hello and try to have a conversation. This is a better way than going through all the processes described above.

The workarounds I mentioned will help you better understand choices and roles before actually approaching someone. How you want to know what is special about yourself is entirely up to you. I wish you all the best on your date. I hope this guide is useful.

Yash Chaturvedi
As a Sub-editor in Techweu, Yash Chaturvedi tries to make things simple for readers with daily tech-related issues in the online & offline world. He researches on solution even for the tiniest issues like "How to upload an image on Instagram" When not writing, Yash Chaturvedi likes to spend time watching movies and Web series.

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