Huawei caught passing off DSLR photos as smartphone-made, again

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In a “oopsie” instant for Huawei’s PR division a picture was highlighted as aspect of a promo video clip for a Huawei cell photography contest, held on Weibo.

The online video was meant to showcase attractive pics taken on Huawei pics, but Weibo person Jamie-hua second-area winner at a comparable 2018 Iphone contest, was having to pay shut and really managed to realize and monitor down a single of the photographs in the video.

Huawei caught passing off DSLR photos as smartphone ones, yet again

The graphic in issue is truly obtainable on 500px and was manufactured by photographer Su Tie. And, as the 500px page and printed EXIF clearly list, was taken employing a Nikon D850 instead than a Huawei smartphone.

Jamie-hua also listedd a couple of other suspicious photographs, even though wasn’t equipped to confirm the place they have been sourced from.

Suspicious photos
Suspicious photos

Suspicious shots

Huawei has officially apologized considering the fact that, expressing the pics ended up wrongly marked and conveying it all with an oversight by the editor. The firm also edited the marketing contest online video to not contain the problematic pictures.

We definitely comprehend that problems can take place, specially when dealing with user-submitted content material, but this is not a 1st for Huawei.

Guaranteed, specifics and particulars have usually been slightly diverse, but the Chinese large does have a behavior of passing-off, accidentally or not, DSLR photographs as ones taken from their phones. There was a comparable situation all the way back again although the Huawei P9 was currently being promoted.

More not long ago, the Huawei nova 3 was associated in an eerily comparable DSLR-connected advertising mix-up. And, of course, there is the now notorious P30 zoom fiasco.

Granted in those people former cases it wasn’t explicitly mentioned that any of the pictures was manufactured by the cellular phone alone, but the implication was rather clear.

Suspicious photos
Suspicious photos

Suspicious photographs

Looking at how this has occurred time and time yet again in the earlier, a person would think that some additional inside organization caution and processes would be in get.

And if we look at the principle of ulterior motives, we can’t definitely say we are any much less puzzled, because Huawei telephones generally have outstanding images competencies they can now stand on.

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