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Ming-Chi Kuo posted their latest analysis of the Apple supply chain situation. According to the report, the A16 processor will be exclusive for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max phones, which isn’t new info on its own – the news is Apple will boost the proportion of flagship to non-flagship chips to 60%.

This means the company expects to sell more iPhone 14 Pro units and will adapt its marketing strategies in such direction, while the iPhone 14 duo is likely to become a second priority.

Kuo: Apple will increase iPhone 14 Pro shipments, will promote A16 chipset exclusivity

Thanks to the increased proportion, component suppliers are also expected to record yearly growth. Sony, Largan and LG Innotek are all likely to post 20-30% more revenue, compared with last year’s orders.

Kuo also mentioned that Sony (the manufacturer of sensors), and LG Innotek (the color correction matrix manufacturer) products will be seen only in iPhone 14 Pro devices, meaning the iPhone 14 is not getting the promised camera update.



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