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The Snapdragon 765G inside the LG Velvet was a questionable option the cellphone has a flagship value and a mid-vary chipset. A peculiar new product has surfaced, the LM-G910 (whereas the existing Velvet is G900).

Let’s call it the LG Velvet 4G. It is run by the Snapdragon 845, a two calendar year aged flagship chipset. This was just before the time of 5G of class, so that operation is shed. The rest would seem to be the exact same, together with the 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage (UFS 2.1).

Connectivity apart, the S845 has a considerably faster GPU though the CPU functionality is equivalent to the S765. Of class, the more mature chip may have an influence on computer software updates in the long term.

Chipset and memory details from AIDA64
The rest is unchanged

Chipset and memory specifics from AIDA64  The rest is unchanged

This variation of the cellular phone will be obtainable in the Center East region and it is reported to be 20% more cost-effective than its 5G counterpart. The idea we gained arrived from Iran, but LG Iran is yet to listing the device.

A little bit more digging reveals that Anatel, the Brazilian wi-fi regulator, has qualified the LM-G910, so the 4G version of the Velvet may be headed to other locations as perfectly. Neither Iran nor Brazil have active 5G networks, so the 5G modem would have been wasted in any case.

PS. LG just lately launched a new cell phone with the Snapdragon 845 (this time for Japan), so this is not unheard of.

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