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D2h has introduced a combo offer while updating its listing, in which the Magic Stick with HD RF Set-Top Box is available for Rs 2,198. However, on the website you will see the option of Book Now, but this pack will not be seen on the next screen. Let me tell you, a month ago the combo offer on the D2h website was listed with Rs 1,599, which is less than the regular price of D2h HD Set-Top Box. The DTHU HD set-top box is priced at Rs 1,799. Direct-to-home (DTH) service providers have given two different options in a separate listing with the D2h RF Set-Top Box.

D2h website Listing As per, Magic Stick with HD RF Set-Top Box is available for only Rs 2,198. In the new option, customers are getting one month of DTHH Platinum HD Combo subscription. However, this is different from the April listing, in which the combo of D2h HD RF Set-Top Box and Magic Stick was available for Rs 1,599. One month Gold HD Combo channel pack was being given in this combo.

The new change indicates that DTHU is soon to officially launch a Magic Stick combo offer with HD RF set-top boxes, which will come with two different one-month channel pack options.

In addition to the combo listing, two with D2h RF Set-Top Box on the DTOH site the option Are given. In one option, a set-top box with a 1-month Gold HD Combo subscription is available for Rs 1,599. At the same time, the second option is getting a one-month Platinum HD Combo Channel Pack for Rs 1,799.

The DTH service focus blog DreamDTH first reported this listing of DTOH.


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