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Alan Boyle

The NASA “worm” logo seems on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that’s because of to start a Crew Dragon spacecraft as early as subsequent month. (SpaceX Photo)
NASA is restoring a squiggly graphic representation of its acronym, recognised as “the Worm,” to a put of prominence, 28 years following it was consigned to the dustbin of space background.
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine declared that “the worm is back” today in a tweet — and discovered that it’s been painted on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket which is because of to launch NASA astronauts to the International Place Station as quickly as upcoming month. That demonstration mission will mark the initial time U.S. astronauts have been launched to orbit from U.S. soil considering the fact that the retirement of the space shuttle fleet in 2011.
The worm was born in 1975 as an choice to NASA’s initial “meatball” logo, which set the acronym within a blue sphere with a spacecraft zooming all-around it. Not everyone was a fan: In 1992, the worm fell out of favor and was expunged from use, except on T-shirts and memento things. Now the worm has turned.
NASA explained officials are even now examining precisely how and in which the worm will be applied, and that the meatball will keep its standing as the place agency’s most important symbol. Today’s turnabout surprised place supporters: Some even suspected it was a late April Fool’s prank. For the entire rundown on the worm, check out Keith Cowing’s article at NASA Watch.


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