New Instagram tools for filtering DM requests introduced, Here’s Details-Techweu

New Instagram tools for filtering DM requests introduced techweu

Instagram’s efforts to block aversive or abusive DM requests will soon be taken one step further. In Instagram’s latest blog post, the app outlines how to prevent people from even seeing hateful or abusive DMs in the first place.

As Instagram explains, DM sends the most disgusting and unwanted messages request. These are direct messages from users who have never sent a message and/or may not even be able to follow. Instagram will begin filtering a list of keywords and emojis developed in collaboration with major anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations.

New Instagram tools for filtering DM requests introduced techweu

DM requests are filtered if they contain these emojis or phrases, or the emojis or words you specify. Options for this feature are in a new section of privacy settings called “Hidden Words”. Filtered DM requests appear in a separate hidden request folder, covering the message text and cannot be read until you tap the message. From there, you can accept, delete, and report requests.

Instagram also makes it difficult for blocked users to try to contact you. When you block a user, you also have the option to block the new account that the user-created to contact you again. It doesn’t explain exactly how Instagram recognizes that the same user is creating a new account, but the extra effort required discourages blocked users from trying further. There is a possibility of letting you.

New Instagram tools for filtering DM requests introduced techweu

This new DM request filter will be rolled out in several countries in the coming weeks and will be expanded to more countries in the coming months. Meanwhile, the new account blocking feature will be available worldwide in the coming weeks.


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