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Oppo Find X3 series

Oppo has released Find X3 Pro with an LTPO screen. Theoretically, it can support adaptive refresh rates from 1Hz to 120Hz. The Chinese company has promised that the flagship will have this feature, but from today it has released it without it to push OTA updates.


Theoretically, Find X3 Pro will recognize the app being used and reduce the screen refresh rate to reduce battery consumption. For example, previewing a photo or using an e-reader app can drop to 1 Hz, but in reality, it rarely happens.

However, with the new update, the screen will adapt to different applications. The video did reveal that there are different scenarios and the phone adapts to them. The purple numbers show the actual refresh rate, which reaches 1Hz when you open the app drawer and nothing happens. Video apps such as YouTube and Tencent Video run between 24Hz and 60Hz, but some games actually run at 90Hz.

Oppo also revealed that the screen is rated A + by DisplayMate. This is an excellent rating, but not unexpected. After all, Find X3 Pro’s cousin OnePlus 9 Pro was expected to have the same panels and was already known to be of the same grade.

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