Qualcomm’s next to appoint Cristiano Amon as CEO Here’s Report-Techweu

Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Series 5G
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Qualcomm’s current CEO, Steve Morenkov, has retired and the company’s board unanimously chose Cristiano da Sil to replace him. Mollenkopf has been working for Qualcomm for 26 years and was appointed CEO in 2014.

If you’ve seen a live stream of phone announcements, Amon should be a familiar face. He is often invited to speak on major releases of Snapdragon-powered phones. He is also the driving force behind the company’s 5G drive.


Amon is responsible for Qualcomm’s semiconductor business, which includes the mobile, RF front-end (modem), automotive, and Internet of Things divisions. He was promoted to president in January 2018 and will retain that role while assuming the role of CEO.

Qualcomms next to appoint Cristiano Amon as CEO Here Report-TechweuSteve Morenkov (left) and Cristiano Amon (right)

Mark McLaughlin, Chairman of Qualcomm’s Board of Directors, said: “Steve overcame unprecedented circumstances during his tenure and faced more than most leaders faced throughout his career in his seven years as CEO.” Under Steve’s leadership, we continue to do so. Invented key technologies that focus, create immeasurable value for shareholders, drive economic growth, and improve livelihoods. Steve brought on behalf of Qualcomm’s entire board of directors over the years as CEO. Thank you for your vision and leadership, and for taking the lead in confidence that it will be a seamless transition. ”

“I am honored to be appointed as the next CEO of Qualcomm, and I am grateful to Steve and the Board of Directors for their confidence in me. Qualcomm is a great company. We have been in decades. We have been at the forefront of innovation for the rest of our time to maintain this position. ”


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