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Asus ROG Phone 5 launched with144Hz refresh rate
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We are getting used to JerryRig A long-standing durability test as a measure of smartphone build quality. Most modern phones usually pass the test without any noticeable issues, but not with Asus’ new ROG Phone 5.


Although it uses a standard glass and metal sandwich construction, the device has weaknesses along the side frame antenna line. Applying some pressure to the back could cause the host to crack the frame and cause fatal damage to the internal vibration motor.

Another bending operation causes the display to snap completely, even though the glass panel actually remains intact. As you move around your back and apply more pressure, the backplate shatters. The USB-C and accessory ports on the side seem to be the main weaknesses of the device, but here you have to wait for some teardown videos to see exactly what the underlying problem is.

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