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A new report from GalaxyClubwhich has a solid track record of Samsung-related leaks, suggests that the upcoming Galaxy A54 will feature a 50MP main camera. Sadly, no other details were provided in this report except for the megapixel count.

At first, this would suggest a camera downgrade given that the Galaxy A52 and A53 both feature 64MP main cameras. But as we all know, the megapixel count isn’t everything and if anything, the move to a 50MP sensor might signal an upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy A54 is getting a 50MP main camera

The current 64MP sensor used in the Galaxy A52 and A53 isn’t a particularly big one. And Samsung’s policy of including higher-end features in some of its Galaxy A smartphones could mean that the A54 will sport a bigger, more capable 50MP main sensor . The device could very well use the same camera as the Galaxy S22 and S22+, but that’s just us speculating.

The Galaxy A53 has about six more months before its life cycle ends so we will surely hear more about the A54 as the release date approaches.

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