Samsung Galaxy S21 here’s the camera details-Techweu

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At this point, we know almost everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup. Ice universe It still provides some small but important details about the device. This time around, we’re talking about the Galaxy S21 Ultra and why it proves to be the perfect phone for telephoto shots.

The detailed specifications of the 10x zoom camera are no longer a secret. It uses best-in-class 10MP, 1 / 3.24 “size, 1.22µm pixels. The lens features f / 4.9 aperture, OIS, 240mm (10x) periscope telephoto zoom, but most importantly the periscope. System Does a 10x zoom with 2 irises instead of 5 times like other periscope systems.


This improves image sharpness and overall quality by refracting light into the sensor only twice, which is significantly better than five times. Sure, I’ll let you know the details tomorrow.


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