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Samsung is still the boss says Q1 Reports

Samsung Display has been the dominating participant in the OLED company and it appears like its reign is nowhere around above. In accordance to the most up-to-date public sector assessment the Korean manufacturer shipped around 90% of all smartphone OLED panels in Q1, although its market share declined on a yearly foundation – back again in Q1 2019 Samsung pushed 94.1% of all OLED panels.

Samsung shares as per report

The report was compiled by market place research enterprise Stone Partners and it also incorporates the uncooked figures. Samsung Show was liable for 61.6 million delivered panels for cell units out of a overall 68.3 million. 2nd is EverDisplay Optronics with just 3.3 million panels, which is a 4.9% industry share. in a new tab)

Samsung future market share by analysts

A representative from the field was quoted to say that numbers of rigid OLED panels, supplied by Chinese makers, are now insignificant.” Anticipations are that Samsung will continue to keep dominating the market even extra due to the fact additional and a lot more midrangers and even entry-level smartphones are obtaining OLED panels these times.


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