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Samsung is reportedly considering large sensors (up to 1/2″) and OIS for Galaxy S21 selfie cams

An beneath exhibit module is a person of the choices that Samsung is contemplating for the Galaxy S21 selfie digicam.

A new rumor suggests a extra classic technique that instead focuses on considerably-enhanced image good quality a bigger sensor and most likely optical picture stabilization (OIS).

The rumor states that two possibilities are getting evaluated. The first is a massive 1/2 sensor with OIS. That’s considerably bigger than what the Galaxy S20 and S20+ have (1/3.2) and much larger than even S20 Ultra’s 40MP sensor (1/2.65).

The other alternative will feature OIS but will use a scaled-down 1/2.55” sensor. Smaller is relative, of study course, Galaxy S10’s and Apple iphone 11 Pro’s main cameras on the back again have 1/2.55 sensors.

Focus on Bigger sensors

Equally solutions will be a boon for small-gentle images. A greater sensor captures much more light even though OIS allows for lengthier shutter speeds right before hand shake turns into an issue.

The size of the modules will likely be evaluated as slender telephones with tiny bezels are in vogue. This is presumably if the under display camera proves to be non-viable.

Samsung is reportedly considering large sensors (up to 1/2") and OIS for Galaxy S21 selfie cams-

You won’t require to splurge for the Galaxy S-series flagship either, the rumor states that quasi-flagships will be get the new digicam setup as properly most very likely referring to the Galaxy A phones.

Just before we go, a little bit of background we’ve experienced telephones with optically-stabilized selfie cameras in the earlier, from flagships like the HTC 10 to mid-rangers like the Sony Xperia XA Extremely.

Samsung is reportedly considering large sensors (up to 1/2") and OIS for Galaxy S21 selfie cams-

So, this isn’t new technologies, but even autofocus on selfie cameras is rather rare just after all people many years – entrance OIS is found only on a several phones.


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