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Sony Playstation 5 DualSense Controller

Sony retains revealing bits and items about its upcoming Playstation 5 console and now we get to see its DualSense controller, which is a radical departure from the DualShock in phrases of structure.

PS5 DualSense controller

A shift to a two-tone layout almost looks like anyone slipped a slick white case about areas of a DualShock.


Whilst the aesthetics are confident to be polarizing, the standing similarities with a DualShock are basically a very good matter, considering the fact that Sony seems to be leaning on well charted floor when it will come to ergonomics once once more.

Sony Ps5 controller techweu

The new DualSense does look a little bit beefier than its predecessor, nevertheless, but that is typically a good detail for comfort and ease and handling. As well as, Sony claims the controller “feels scaled-down than it really looks.

Look & feel

Some delicate, but potentially crucial exterior tweaks to the DualSense incorporate slight improvements to the angle of the hand triggers and the form of the grip. The acquainted Sony gentle bar is even now there and so is the touch-delicate floor, only slightly modernised in layout.

PS5 DualSense Technology

There are also some new features in the DualSense to be energised about. There is now a developed-in microphone array, which can be used for voice chat devoid of a headset.

Taking into consideration Sony’s newfound aim on sound, with Tempest on the PS5, as detailed previously, we can only picture these microphones are pulling at the very least double-duty. Likely they can offer useful data on the players place in a room, to help optimise  seem.Haptic feedback Improvements

Sony’s Vision

Sony is also clearly concentrating on the feeling of contact in a new and big way as effectively. Not only does the Dual-Sense controller include innovative haptic vibration opinions, but there are also new adaptive triggers. Seemingly, the L2 and R2 buttons on a DualSense can dynamically change their stress and responses to react much more normally to sure in-recreation events and express different sensations.


Sony offered an case in point with a auto, dragging its tires via mud and the way that distinctive feeling can be transferred to the throttle enter. All of this seems mighty extraordinary on paper, so here’s hoping the Japanese big and developers can capitalise on the new tech effectively.

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