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The new Xbox Series console will ship to fans next week on November 10th. However, one lucky redditor got the Series S console early and confirmed that he had a fair amount of storage dedicated to system features.

The Xbox Series S has a 512GB SSD built in, of which 364GB can be used to install games. Similarly, the Series X console has a 1TB SSD, of which 802GB is available. That is, this is about 30% of the memory reserved for S and 20% of the memory reserved for X.

This reserved storage is for the OS and the quick resume feature that needs to store gigabytes of game state data so that you can return directly to the game.

If you need more space for your game (note that the latest AAA titles are huge), you can buy a storage expansion card.Seagate Official 1TB cardWorks on both X and S, and is as fast as the console’s internal SSD. It costs $ 220, about the same as the Series S itself. A 2TB card is also planned.

If it’s not clear, you can’t use a standard 2.5-inch or M.2 SSD. You can use an external drive, but only for previous generation games.

The Xbox Series S has 364 GB available for gaming, and the remaining 512 GB SSD is reserved

According to Microsoft, games on the Series S console require 30% less space than the Series X and need more storage space (S targets 1440p, so high-resolution textures like the X are there is no need). , Run the game in 4K). Developers can also uninstall parts of the game (such as single-player campaigns) to free up more memory.

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Both PlayStation 5 models have an internal SSD of 825GB, of which 664GB is available for gaming (20% reserved for the system). It has a standard M.2 slot that can run next-generation titles, but requires a very fast PCIe 4.0 SSD.

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