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Twitter has added a new search prompt for users in India that aims to serve information and updates from “authoritative sources” around domestic violence. the company adds that the search prompt aims to help women across India who are the survivors of mental and physical abuse at home. The development comes at a time when the country is witnessing a rise in cases of domestic violence against women, especially during the lockdown period, according to the National Commission for Women (NCW).

Twitter in a note mention that the company has collaborated with the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) and NCW to expand its “efforts towards communities” in the country. The note adds that the new prompt feature on Twitter is an expansion of #ThereIsHelp that was put in place for the public “to find clear, credible information on critical issues.”

Further, The company explains Twitter app users will be able to find relevant information and updates around domestic violence and mental health issues when searching with relevant keywords. While searching, users will also be able to select links to either the WCD website or NCW Twitter account along with finding information on the mental health on Twitter. “The feature will be reviewed at regular intervals by the Twitter team to ensure that all related keywords generate the proactive search prompt,” the company says. On the WCD website, users can find relevant directories, latest notifications, and more.

As stated, the new prompt feature is available across al platform in India. When users search the keywords like #crimeagainstwomen, #domesticviolence, #dowry, #dowrydeath, #genderviolence, #genderbasedviolence, #lockdownviolence, #maritalrape, #POSH or #महिलाहिंसा, #घरेलुहिंसा, #महिलाअत्याचार, #दहेज, #दहेजहत्या, #दहेजप्रथा, #बलात्कार, #भ्रूणहत्या, #कन्याभ्रूणहत्या, #वैवाहिकबलात्कार, they will receive the prompt.

“This is initiative by Twitter will provide big support to the survivors, who would otherwise be easily isolated without access to relevant information and help,” said Rekha Sharma, chairperson, NCW, in a statement.


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