Vaio Laptop set for launch on 15th Jan 2021, Buy it from Here-Techweu

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On December 12th We revealed news about the Vaio laptops coming back in India and yes now it is confirmed.

Vaio Laptop Banner revealed on Flipkart India

As I personally remember, Sony Vaio laptops had too much bloatware and were much more expensive than their competitors.


Following a long break from the brand, Flipkart Teaser simply reads “lighter than your past.” Make fun of the brand’s return to retail. The teaser is a play on laptops when Vaio stopped making laptops. Ultra-portable at the time was slow and expensive, but Windows notebooks became big and hot.

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The last time I heard about Vaio was in 2017 when the Vaio Phone A came out, but it was very economical and common, and I didn’t get the chance to notice it.


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