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Vermicompost has been doing the rounds of organic farming since its very advent. It is extremely potent and can be used in place of soil as well. It is rich in nutrients and plants have been proven to grow very well in it.

What exactly is vermicompost?

Vermicompost is a product made by the decomposition process of worms; mainly red wigglers and earthworms. Decomposing plants, vegetables, bedding materials mixed alongside vermicast.

Earthworms are very potent

The process of making vermicompost is known as vermicomposting. It has water soluble nutrients and is excellent for plant growth. Vermicompost can also be used in sewage treatment.

Where can you get vermicompost?

Introducing earthworms may be very beneficial

Luckily, vermicompost has become widespread in organic farming. Due it’s indispensable uses, it is available at any farm related market stores. It can be found online as well. Following are some great vermicompost brands found online.

  • RGDECOR Enriched Vermicompost – Organic Soil Manure 5 Kg Manure

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  • Trust basket Enriched Organic Earth Magic Potting Soil Fertilizer for Plants, 5 kg

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  • RGDECOR 1 Kg 100% Natural Vermicompost – Earthworm Soil Manure Manure

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  • CHAKLA 5kg of 100% Pure Vermicompost made from earthworm feed on cow manure containing organic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) for home garden and plants Soil Manure Organic Fertiliser

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