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WhatsApp in India has a user base of 400 million in India. An app with this huge of a following, WhatsApp is nothing short of a household name. It is one of the most convenient messaging apps that there exist and has simplified the process of sending and receiving messages. Here are the many updates WhatsApp has brought about in its features this year.

Customizable Wallpaper

Customized wallpapers

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature which allows the users to set a different wallpaper for different people.


Mute Always

Mute always

WhatsApp has allowed users to now mute certain groups and contacts forever. Earlier there existed options only of muting for a day, a week and a year.

Storage Management

Storage management

WhatsApp tends to occupy a lot of space. Users will now be able to alter it by going to Settings> Storage and data > Manage storage. They will be able to delete unwanted forwarded photos, videos and such.


WhatsApp has finally introduced its payments feature which allows easy money transfer. First time users will have to set up their bank account. After that, just click any chat window, go to the attachment option and select payments.

Advanced Search

Advanced options

Enables users to search for messages, photos, videos and links alike by typing the keywords.

Disappearing Messages

Disappearing messages

This feature needs to be set for each individual chats. This will cause the messages to disappear after seven days.

Increase Group Call/ Video Call Limit

WhatsApp video calls

WhatsApp now allows calls up to eight people. Earlier it supported only four people in a call but following the pandemic, increased it’s share.

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Animated Stickers

Animated stickers

For a livelier and more expressive chatting experience.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode

The introduction of the dark mode has allowed some relief for users who use it at night. This can be enabled by going to Settings, Chats and then the Theme option.

QR Codes

QR code introduction

Now adding any contact to WhatsApp has been made easier. All you need to do is scan the QR code and they will be added to the application.

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