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If you use an Android product, notably a smartphone, then it is needed that you really should consistently backup your equipment. Not that some technical snag will spring up but it is a superior exercise.

A normal backup will guarantee that your information relating to contacts, media, messages are not lost.  At times, the backup may perhaps not do the job. In this guidebook, I will notify you how to deal with the issue when you are not in a position to create a contact backup on your Android machine.

Frequently users are not in a position to back again up their facts. They see the backup option button is greyed out. This may possibly transpire thanks to some bugs. Otherwise, some tech fans imagine that pattern lock applied for screen lock may well cause this situation.

It encrypts the backup therefore no obtain to develop a backup.

Contact Backup Not Working on Android device: How to Fix? - TechWeu

How to Create A Contact Backup

This system operates in general for just about almost everything on your cell phone that you want to backup. Enable me reveal it.

  • Go to Settings > System
  • Under System, you should look for Backup [These 2 steps may vary a bit for different devices]

Contact Backup Not Working on Android device: How to Fix? - TechWeu

  • Tap on Backup Now [The backup will be created to Google Drive]

The end users that are facing the bug will see that the Backup Now button is greyed out. Below I have outlined some fixes or that.

How to Fix When Not Able to Create Backup

Now, let us see if you are not ready to backup, then what feasible fixes you can check out out. For most of the customers, the troubleshoot I have set up down below has worked seriously fine.

Disable All Kinds of Screen Lock System you Use

  • Go to Settings
  • Then head to Security & Lock Screen
  • Under the Device Security tab, you should see various screen lock options

Contact Backup Not Working on Android device: How to Fix? - TechWeu

  • Tap on each of the options and disable them one-by-one
  • You have to enter your pattern lock to access the options
  • Follow the screenshots

Contact Backup Not Working on Android device: How to Fix? - TechWeu

Continue to keep in thoughts that you have to disable all varieties of lock you use. I have an in-screen fingerprint, experience unlock, and sample unlock. So, in the earlier mentioned screenshots, I have independently disabled them.

Tip – This is a short term workaround. Recall that obtaining a superior security process like encounter unlock, fingerprint or the sample lock is really needed for the protected utilization of the cell phone. At the time you re-help any stability attribute then the Backup possibility will gray out as soon as again. Each and every time you make the backup you will need to disable the stability lock mechanisms.

Create Google Drive Cache

Sure, this is an additional option for your challenge of not becoming capable to make Call Backups or any other backups. Occasionally short-term documents sit in the application and create litter that you can crystal clear out.

  • Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps
  • Scroll down to Drive. To open, tap on it.
  • Tap on Storage & Cache
  • Next, tap on Clear Cache & Clear Storage

Contact Backup Not Working on Android device: How to Fix? - TechWeu

  • Restart your device

Now, the issue should be fixed.

Using ADB to Fix the Issue

If you have put in ADB, then you can make the backup button practical making use of these strategies.


  • A PC
  • Android smartphone
  • USB Cable
  • Install your smartphone brand-specific USB Driver on the PC
  • Make sure to enable USB debugging on your smartphone


  • First, using the USB cable connect the phone to the PC
  • Now, open Command Prompt on PC [type cmd in the search box of Windows OS]
  • Now, type in the following command in this exact order.

Contact Backup Not Working on Android device: How to Fix? - TechWeu

Note – If executing the above code generates some message like, Backup Finished With: Backup Cancelled, then type in the following code

  • bmgr backupnow appdata 
  • bmgr backupnow --all 

An Substitute for Rooted Android device

All the strategies we checked out higher than ended up for Android equipment functioning on inventory ROM. What about these products that are rooted and can not produce Get in touch with Backup.? Listed here is a deal with for that as effectively.

  • Get Terminal Emulator
  • Start the Emulator
  • Type the following command to grant superuser access
  • Now to create backup enter the following code
    bmgr backupnow --all
  • To finish the process manually reboot the device.

Now, you have created your backup on your rooted Android device.

So, this was a in depth perception on how to deal with the difficulty when you are not equipped to create a Get in touch with backup or any other backup on your Android device. Attempt these strategies out and permit us know the results.

Do let us know if you face any issue during this process 


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