Former Nokia and HMD CPO Juho Sarvikas joins Qualcomm-Techweu

juho sarvikas joined qualcomm ex nokia techweu
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Earlier we told you about Juho Sarvikas leaving Nokia/HMD. , Yes Juho Sarvikas has been the driving force behind Nokia smartphones for the past decade. He was HMD Global’s chief product officer after the resurgence of his beloved smartphone brand.

Starting April 12, Sarvikas will be VP of San Diego and President of the North American division.

juho sarvikas joined qualcomm ex nokia techweu
Sarvikas’ new Twitter status and cover photo

The change was announced on Twitter by Jim Kathy, President of Qualcomm Global. Sarvikas continued to retweet and essentially confirmed the news. The news was warmly welcomed on social media by other key San Diego executives, media outlets and fans. Sarvikas moved to chip maker after spending 4.5 years at HMD Global and over 15 years in the smartphone world.

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HMD Global was founded in 2016 to revive Nokia’s name. The company consisted of part of a team that was part of the original Nokia conglomerate, which was later acquired by Microsoft. The role of Sarvikas Chief Product Officer hosted most of the keynotes and, thanks to his active presence on social media, eventually made him the face of Nokia smartphones.


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