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Which of the following is the description for the Level 1 OWASP threat assessment maturity practice?

Select one:
a. Increase the accuracy of the threat assessment and improve granularity of per-project understanding.

b. Identify and understand the high level threats to the organization and individual projects — Correct Answer

c. Map compensating controls to each threat against the internal and third-party software

Which of the following could be input or output of a task? (Select all that apply.)

Select one or more:
a. Role
b. Outcome
c. Deliverable — Correct Answer
d. Artifact

Consider the scenario – John is software designer, who is currently working on CHARSONS-KART application software which is e-business application

Peter is a security testing expert who is coordinating with John for threat modelling.

When these two are involved in designing the payment subsystem, what and all are the potential parameters they need to concentrate on?

Select one:

a. B. When mode of transaction is online payment, there is high chances spoofing the customer for identify stealing.

b. A. When mode of transaction is Credit/Debit card, there is high chances of stealing the confidential information about the card like, CVV, transaction password, OTP etc.

c. Both A and B — Correct Answer

d. Neither A, nor B

Which are the external application-oriented devices that provide application security?

Select one or more:
a. Citrix — Correct Answer
b. DAM
c. API Gateway — Correct Answer
e. WAF — Correct Answer

How does View enhance data security?
Select one:
a. By creating one common view for all the tables

b. By only allowing users access to columns they require instead of entire table — Correct Answer

c. By letting users create a temporary table with any desired data

d. None

George is a project manager handling a software project and suggest their team members to use distributed version control for software configuration management. Guide the team members of George to choose the Distributed Version Control system from the given options. Choose exactly 2 — AnswerS.

Select one or more:
a. GIT
b. Subversion (SVN) — Correct Answer
c. Mercurial
d. Perforce — Correct Answer

Which of the following are not benefits of code optimization techniques?

Select one or more:
a. Results in code that is easy to understand, reuse, and maintain

b. Improves the organization’s performance — Correct Answer

c. Improves the system’s performance

d. Improves the compilation time of an application

What was seen in application over time, which creates the need of solutions which could also be used in other projects?

Select one:
a. Faster time to market

b. More effective and efficient process — Correct Answer

c. Complexity of application and managing business

David, a developer, is working on login component of an application and dealing with sensitive data. Hence before pushing the code to, he moved the sensitive information in a “logindata.cfg” file and added the file name as “login.cfg” by mistake in .gitignore and also pushed the changed to Later he identified and removed it from repository before anyone uses that file. Is there any risk associated with this?

Select one:
a. Yes, the file is being modified by other team member

b. Yes, the changes will be reflected in the version history. — Correct Answer

c. No, there is no risk as he removed from

d. No, the file is a cfg file as most of the team members have their own cfg file

What is the website to access Accenture Delivery Suite(ADS)?

Select one:

b. — Correct Answer



John, the product owner, in consultation with his stakeholders, has arrived at four features that are of same priority. The stakeholders are of the opinion that all those features are of equal significance. Which of the following can John do, in this context?

Select one:
a. Randomly pick and implement one feature after the other since all are of the same priority

b. Tell the Development Team that all features need to be worked on in parallel

c. Ask the development team to park these features until the stakeholders agree on to a priority order

d. Consult with the Development Team and still arrive at a priority among these features. — Correct Answer

The most encouraging time of day to hold a Scrum Daily Meeting is _______.

Select one:
a. Immediately after lunch

b. At 7:00 PM

c. At 4:30 PM

d. The beginning of the day — Correct Answer

Sprint Retrospective ceremony can include an analysis of how the recent sprint went with respect to which of the following?

Select one:
a. Process

b. People

c. Tools

d. All of the options — Correct Answer

Which of the following definitions provided by various personnel would correctly depicts CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT and is the most appropriate?

EVANA defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as what we do to make sure we have backed up our work.

DANIEL defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as the same thing as version control.

GABRIEL defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT as the process of identifying, communicating, implementing, documenting, and managing work products in a structured and repeatable way.

JOE defines CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT is just for code, making sure right code gets into the project at right time.

Select one:
a. DANIEL’s definition
b. GABRIEL’s definition — Correct Answer
c. JOE’s definition
d. EVANA’s definition

What relationship(s) can a work product have to a task?

Select one:
a. Input and Output

b. Optional input, mandatory input, primary output and secondary output.

c. Input only

d. Output only — Correct Answer

Digital asset management comes in the form of a software or appliance device that can be used on which of the following?

Select one or more:
a. All electronic gadgets
b. Mobiles and laptops
c. cloud-based model — Correct Answer
d. on-premises — Correct Answer

Mr Peter is performing GUI testing for Web Application. Which all features should he need to make sure while GUI Testing of the Web application can be automated? Choose CORRECT options.

Select one:
a. displaying help texts

b. touch screen

c. All of the Above

d. mouse clicks

e. Validation of fields — Correct Answer

What happens when the sprint is cancelled?

Select one:
a. The completed Sprint Backlog items are evaluated for a release, and incomplete items are put back into the Product Backlog.

b. The Scrum team disbands immediately.

c. The completed Sprint Backlog items are evaluated for a release, and incomplete items are discarded. — Correct Answer

d. The complete Sprint Backlog is put back to the Product Backlog.

The code Review process involves which of the following steps:

Select one or more:
a. Resolve review points

b. Baseline a software products — Correct Answer

c. Prepare for a review

d. Never conduct a review

e. Plan for a review

If we need to apply design patterns, can we do it without the principles of object-oriented programing and standards?

Select one:
a. Yes, Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements with procedural principles

b. No, Design Patterns are logical and comprehensive sequencing of elements with object-oriented principles only — Correct Answer

c. Yes, Design Patterns can be formed by principles, any programing language and standard

“This pattern evaluates scenarios where you need just one object and you don’t want to create multiple objects of that particular class. Or simply put restricting construction of more than one object” Which pattern is it?

Select one:
a. Structural Pattern
b. Singleton pattern — Correct Answer
c. Behavioral Pattern

What are guidelines that need to be followed for managing bottlenecks during optimization?

Select one or more:
a. Identifying benefits of implementing complex algorithm does not out weigh the time taken to create it.

b. Increase memory space to make the program efficient in terms of speed. — Correct Answer

c. Do performance testing on critical methods carrying business logic — Correct Answer
d. Do not cache the result. — Correct Answer

If any team member, accidently , pushed the sensitive information in their project’s private repository, what should be the step he/she has to take immediately?

Select one or more:
a. Remove the sensitive information from and delete the version history immediately.

b. Report the issue to ASOC and his/her manager immediately — Correct Answer

c. No action needed as the repository is private and have access to only project team members.

d. Copied code over to Accenture internal repository hence the code can be protected.

Mr. Vincent is the Configuration Manager for one project in Accenture. He has to identify and establish Configuration Items.

Assume that you are Mr. Vincent and select the steps involved while identifying and establishing CIs mentioned below.

A. Determine CI Categories.

B. Determine CM Control Levels.

C. Determine CI Tools.

D. Determine CI Naming Conventions.

E. Audits and Status Reporting

F. Select CIs

Select one:
a. A,B,C,D

b. A,B,E,F — Correct Answer

c. A,B,C,D,F

d. A,C,D,E

As part of cloud application security, which of the following are the identity and access solutions provided by the cloud service providers?

Select one or more:
a. Federation and Identity Provision

b. Multifactor Authentication — Correct Answer

c. Role based authentication

d. Single Sign-On/Off — Correct Answer

What are the pitfalls concerning the cloud application development?

Select one:
a. Using untrusted Third-party APIs — Correct Answer

b. Consulting with all Key stakeholders

c. Requiring all applications to be deployed in the cloud.

d. Using Open source

The option on e-commerce websites to make payments using credit, UPI, debit, COD and others is an example of ?

Select one:
a. Interface segregation
b. Open Closed Principle — Correct Answer
c. Dependency Inversion Principle
d. Single responsibility

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