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Identify the correct options for Load Testing.

Select one or more:
a. Test software under extreme load conditions — Correct Answer

b. Requires a baseline of normal activity — Correct Answer

c. Test software under normal load conditions

d. Commonly used to test high availability solutions

The duration of Sprint is ____.

Select one:
a. remains the same across sprints — Correct Answer

b. can vary from one sprint to the othe

c. can change only after 3 sprints

d. can alter every other sprint

A customer walks into an ATM to withdraw money. The money dispensed from the ATM, although the ATM was not able to print its Transaction Receipt as ATM Machine ran out of paper. The Customer got a message on the ATM Screen notifying “Unable to print the transaction receipt”. Which principle of GRASP was utilized to handle this exception?

Select one:
a. Creator

b. Controller — Correct Answer

c. Low Coupling

d. Indirection

e. High Cohesion

Ms. Nina, after her training in DevOps, she has encountered this question in an assessment she faced. The question was “Which among the given options are the benefits of automation?” If you were Nina, what would have been your answer? Choose exactly 3 CORRECT options.

Select one or more:
a. No scope for incorporating the new requirements

b. Increased productivity — Correct Answer

c. Standardize workflows, processes, technologies, protocols, and metrics to reduce the variety of risks — Correct Answer

d. Eliminates unnecessary capital expenditure — Correct Answer

Mr. Vincent has to write a POC that proposes the DevOps adoption into the project that is currently handled with the traditional waterfall model. Which among the below are the benefits you think Mr. Vincent can quote in his POC?

A. Help organizations incrementally adopt DevOps capabilities

B. Improve effectiveness and efficiency of teams working for various features

C. Accelerate development and test feedback cycles

D. Optimized and continuous iterations for improvements

Select one:
a. Only C

b. B and C

c. A and B

d. A, B, C and D — Correct Answer

Which of the following is done as part of ”Kanban’?

a) Splitting work into smaller items

b) Deciding the sequence of steps the work items need to go through

c) not imposing any limit on the work in progress

d) Track the lead and cycle time

Select one:
a. Only a,b and d — Correct Answer

b. All of the options

c. Only a,b and c

d. Only b,c and d

ADOP is built on a _ infrastructure

Select one:
a. Kubernetes

b. Docker — Correct Answer

c. Ansible

d. Salt Stack

Which areas of a code layout must be considered to reduce comments on methods and reduce errors?

Select one or more:
a. The use of white space — Correct Answer

b. Naming conventions

c. Blocks of code — Correct Answer

d. Indentation

Mr Alex is required to do API testing for his application. Since Alex does have access to source code and knows about how source code was implemented – kind of white box testing. Which of the following factors needs to be ensured by Alex while performing API testing?

Select one or more:
a. API testing needs Sandbox Environments

b. Valid datatype supported

c. API Data Flow — Correct Answer

d. Kind of data, or parameters, or arguments that API function requires as input — Correct Answer

A team is referring to the latest version of the product backlog to work on the deliverables. Who is responsible for the content, availability, and ordering of the items in the product backlog?

Select one:
a. Scrum Master
b. Project Manager
c. Scrum Development Team
d. Product Owner — Correct Answer

John has written code that includes multiple methods that is not synonymous with the functionality of it. Many of those methods contain lots of nested statements, hard coded values and over 500 lines of code. What standard coding patterns would you suggest to him?

Select one or more:
a. Limit the method size between 100 and 150 code lines by refactoring it.

b. It’s okay to have hard-coded values in the same code

c. Group logically related statements for easy readability — Correct Answer

d. The name of the methods does not matter.

George was attending an interview.

He got a question stating – “Which among the below is/are TRUE with respect to DevOps?”

The statements are given as in the options – What could be the answer of Mr. George?

CHOOSE TWO — Correct AnswerS.

Select one or more:
a. DevOps is establishing of industrialization. It is a key enabler of Agile. It has the ability to move efficiently and rapidly through SDLC phases. — Correct Answer

b. DevOps is applicable only in certain areas of software development. It is applicable for only few technologies. DevOps means automation.

c. DevOps enables to opt between productivity and quality of the product. If there is the pressure of early in to the market, we can compromise on the quality of the application to an extent

d. DevOps is a way to work more predictively, productively to increase the quality of outcomes. This helps to achieve the product early into the market.

When data about how much work has been burned down on the team’s tasks, is captured across multiple sprints, it gives?

Select one:
a. estimated velocity — Correct Answer

b. natural velocity

c. initial velocity

d. projected velocity

In a Banking application, we keep the CustomerUI logic separate from the backend or the business logic of our application. Which GRASP principle would take the request from the UI and then assign that to the proper object to do the work?

Select one:
a. Controller — Correct Answer

b. Low Coupling

c. Creator

d. High Cohesion

Which of the following is a unit of work that a role may be asked to perform?

Select one:
a. Activity

b. Work?ow

c. Task Correct Answer

d. Work Unit

Ajay, a Project Manager Onboarded new resources for his project. The client he is handling is diamond client of Accenture and he needs to train the resources on various tools that can be used for Project. Which of the following tool can Ajay suggest for the new resources to build proper project plans and enable Agile practices?

Select one:
a. Jira ALM — Correct Answer

b. Jira Core

c. Jira Service Desk

d. Jira software

Identify the state that refers High degree of Coupling.

Select one:
a. Big change can break your code and this could have a disastrous effect on your application

b. Adding functionality to your application is difficult and effects your application

c. A small change can break your code and this could have a disastrous effect on your application — Correct Answer

Which of the following tasks will be performed by the Configuration Manager? Choose exactly THREE correct options.

Select one or more:
a. Tracks and Reports on CM status and audits.

b. Makes sure that project complies with CM standards and procedures. — Correct Answer

c. Plans Configuration Management

d. Attends and facilitates CCB meetings.

How did object-oriented programing systems handle complexity better than procedural processes?

Select one:
a. All the procedures were treated as an identifiable behavior of an object.

b. Handling each task in isolation ensuring that we have the right degree of coupling in cohesion

c. Tasks were divided into a number of sub-tasks — Correct Answer

John is a customer of XIXIX bank logged in to his account on the bank webisite and tried for the fund transfer option. He tried to transfer $500 from his account to his friend’s account in another bank. He could not proceed to transfer the funds as he did not provide the proper IFSC code of that branch. There was no other option available to proceed with the process. However, John called his friend and asked for proper IFSC code and then he could proceed with the transaction. Is the above function delivering the customer experience which is resulting in ________? Fill in the blank with a suitable answer.

Select one:
a. Loss of data

b. Identify Theft

c. Disruption of entire experience itself

d. Denial of Service — Correct Answer


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