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1.A company offers customers access to servers, storage, and networking resources within their data center. What type of service does this represent?

A.Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

2.Which term best describes when a Cloud provider offers shared access to part of their existing storage and computing infrastructure?

A.resource pooling

3.Why is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) important?

A.It documents expectations of availability, uptime, and security.

4.A large gambling company needs to be able to accept high volumes of customer wagers within short timeframes for high-profile sporting events. Additionally, strict laws prohibit any gambling activities outside of specially-licensed business zones. What is an example of an effective, elastic Cloud solution that can meet this client’s needs?

A.a mobile app that only accepts wagers based on the user’s location

5.A popular photo editing application provides customers with the option of accessing a web-based version through a monthly subscription. The vendor hosts the application and is responsible for all maintenance work including upgrades and patches. What type of service does this option describe?

A.Software as a Service (SaaS)

6.What is an example of using the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver innovative Cloud-based solutions to customers? surveys that gather customer input to improve services in the future

7.Your Company is meeting with a well-known global financial institution that specializes in private and commercial banking to discuss the migration of its sizable application ecosystem to the Cloud. The client has quickly become overwhelmed with the available choices, complexity, and security. Which tool helps the client self-assess their Cloud landscape to determine the best solution?


8.HealthyApp, a new Your Company H&PS client, specializes in developing custom software for hospitals and other medical facilities. For the upcoming fiscal year, they want to move to a more agile and innovative software development model, in which their developers can focus on application features and functionality, rather than underlying environments and infrastructure. Which Cloud computing model would provide HealthyApp with the framework to help achieve this goal?

A.Platform as a Service (PaaS)

9.Which statement accurately describes the concept of elasticity in Cloud computing?

A.the degree to which a system can adapt to workload changes by provisioning and de-provisioning resources automatically

10.The Your Company team is involved in helping a client in the transformation journey using Cloud computing. How is myNav beneficial to the team?

A.It helps access, architect, and simulate cloud migration solutions.

11.An international fast-food chain is looking for opportunities to leverage the Cloud to gain insights into customer data, including location, and order patterns. The client has engaged Your Company to help create customer-focused experiences, including promotions. They need Your Company’s help with this campaign and to create a unique user experience for all their customers. Which technology, when partnered with Cloud, would allow this to occur?

A.Artificial Intelligence

12.What distinguishes Your Company’s Cloud capabilities from our competitors?

A.providing end-to-end solutioning that includes technology, innovation, and industry specialization

13.Which service is a major commercial Cloud platform?

A.Amazon Web Services (AWS)

14.A Chief Technology Officer has seen the company grow significantly in the last three months. Historically, the application was hosted with on-premise hardware, but recently moved some components of the application to the Cloud. Which type of Cloud environment is being used?

A.hybrid cloud

15.The All India Cricket Council is experiencing sporadic activity on their ticketing website, depending on the announcement of match schedules. They require high-speed processing during peak times, but otherwise website traffic is nominal. Which unique Cloud feature seamlessly helps manage the increase and decrease in traffic?



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