Having An Issue With PUBG Lag/Hang In Your Mobile? Here’s A Trick To Make It Run Smoothly.

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Including PUBG Mobile. Despite the fact that a committed game for India is promoted to release as soon as possible, the game is confronting obstacles from the experts for the relaunch. Be that as it may, this has not prevented Indian gamers from playing the well-known fight royals game are still continuing to play the game as if the ban never occurred.
This game can be played both on PC and Smartphones. Be that as it may, the Smartphone version of this game contains different bugs subsequently making it moderate.

In the event that you are, an enthusiast Of Pubg portable however unable to win and get Chicken Dinner because of lags and networking problems. Let’s see there are a few different ways to fix the Lag and make them smooth.

Primary Optimization :

Before beginning the game simply reboot the phone once and afterward clear the cache. In the event that possibly connects the cell phone with a steady WiFi association and it is the best way to play pubg game without in mobile data. On the off chance that you are playing in WiFi turn on Airplane Mode to evade interferences because of calls or pop-ups.

After that go to battery and open battery saver at that point select Pubg and tap no limitations to empower a smooth experience. Never play while charging it warms the system and Lags are likewise noticed. Clear all new applications and don’t utilize performing multiple tasks while the game is running.

Enabling Developer Options :

To enabler, the developer option then you have to go to About Phone and snap on the Build Number a couple of times to enable it.

After that open developer options and change Window Animation Scale to 0.5x, Transition animation scale to 0.5x, and Animator Duration Scale to 0.5 x.

After that Enable Force GPU delivering, Force 4x MSAA, and Disable HW overlays.

Setting up Graphics selections :

  • Open the game and click-on settings at that point and select graphics.
  • Change the graphic options to smooth, Frame rate to low, and style to classic, and simply disable auto change graphics.

While playing Pubg simply select a Map or server whose ping is low accordingly and don’t turn on voice chat until it’s required this will decrease Lag without a doubt, and also disable the “Automatic Download” option because it will make a higher ping in the server which is roughly to play Pubg game.

Finally, all done now you are ready to play without lagging problem. Hope these tricks will help you. It will get rid of lagging issues due to playing the Pubg game.


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