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You are working on a computer/laptop and suddenly need to take a picture/screenshot of a window or background item. What will you do now? Some people start finding their camera or mobile at such a time, which is very funny. So it is important that you know how to take a screenshot.

How to take Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

1. Be the first on the keyboard Print Screen or PrntScr Push the button.

2. Ms paint again (MS Paint) Open the app and press ctrl + V.

If you want more commands on your screenshot, we would suggest that you use Irfanview (IrfanView) download. After installing it, capture the screenshot by following the suggestions given below.

1. First press C, then choose the type of screenshot you want. You can choose between a full monitor capture or a multimonitor setup, between a particular monitor or a front-facing window or a specific part of the screen. If you want a screenshot of a particular part of a page or image, then you have the fifth option (Custom rectangle / region capture) Should choose.

2. Click first, then move your mouse and select the part that needs a screenshot. Click again to save the screenshot or press Esc to cancel this action.

How to take Screenshot on Mac

1. If you want a screenshot of the entire screen area, cmd + shift + 3 Press.

2. If you want a screenshot of a particular part of the screen, cmd + shift + 4 Press. Then click and drag the cursor, so that the part of the image you want can be selected. Click once again to save the screenshot to the desktop.

Browser addon
Very few webpages fit your browser window. You often have to scroll down to view the entire content of a webpage. Sometimes it happens that you are on an interesting webpage and want a screenshot of it. In such a situation, the above methods will not prove to be effective, because you will be able to take a screenshot of the part that is visible in the browser window. You can use the Chrome extension Awesome Screenshot to capture a screenshot of the entire webpage. It is also available on Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

1. When you have installed this extension, click on the camera icon on the right side of the browser.

2. Then select “Capture entire page” (or press ctrl + shift + E).

3. This extension will open the saved screenshot in a new tab. Here you can edit screenshots, such as cropping, adding text or highlighting an important part of the page. All this will be possible through the tools below the address bar.

4. After the editing is complete, press the “Done” button, which will be visible on the right side of the tools. Now while saving screenshots you will be able to see many options on the right side of the page (such as Local Save or Google Drive). Choose the option you want and then your screenshot is ready.


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